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NFT coins at Crypto Lists

One of the latest projects that MJ (Markus Jalmerot) is involved in include Crypto Lists – a website that create top lists for various cryptocurrencies along with related areas.

The market for crypto has taken over most other assets in the last year and while forex trading used to be highly popular, most of the trading and investing today is made in cryptocurrencies.

Why Crypto Lists?

After working with currency trading for a few years, it’s been clear that most of the interest among the visitors is related to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major and minor cryptocurrencies.

The market for crypto is growing at record speed. While there was 6 new “official” crypto billionaires in 2021 according to Forbes, and CryptoLists expects that number to be way higher in 2022. Since Markus love to discover new industries, he now spend lots of time doing research and improving how people can find and learn more about crypto – without getting scammed. Since the newly flourishing industry is behind when it comes to regulation, there are also lots of scammers. Stopping them and making sure that people find relevant sites that “just works” is the goal of MJ and his team.

Top List focus
Many people like to have it simple when investing in new cryptocurrencies. That’s why are dedicated to provide top lists for highly relevant and trustable cryptocurrency businesses – even if the risk is still significant in this industry. By using a lot of tools and common sense, it’s possible to sort out some of the worst cryptocurrencies out there – while creating top lists for NFT coins and tokens, for the wide list of different blockchains, meme tokens or top lists over stablecoins. There is a top list for everything in crypto and MJ decided to slowly create lots of them. Keep track on Crypto Lists to don’t miss out!

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