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I enjoy


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Search engine marketing - finding new ways to promote businesses in search engines.

Photographing - especially people, cities and landscapes.

Stay in shape. Going to the gym 3-4 times a week.

So who is Markus Jalmerot?


A results-focused guy who likes to travel, photographing and take my clients to new levels.



I have clients in a wide range of industries, from newspapers to leading pharmacies and the world's oldest car rental firm. Some of my SEO clients are British, others are Scandinavian or American. If you'd like to learn more about me, visit the contact page where I have a few links to social profiles where I'm active.

My History

I was born in south of Sweden.
Won my first gold medal in swimming.
Quite into playing football at this age.
The year when I started playing golf.
Went to football high school in Angelholm, Sweden.
My first year at Lund University where I studied economic history and theoretical Philosophy, following business adm. with a major in International Finance. Spent just over 6 years in Lund.
Moved to Stockholm and became Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for fast-growing EastPoint, later Getupdated. I was responsible for building up an SEO and PPC-department (over 20 people).
Launched GetUpdated Internet Marketing in London (UK), a subsidary of the stock listed Eastpoint AB (eastb).
Created link building strategies and held SEO workshops for leading brands in Denmark for Outrider (within the WPP group).
Online marketing manager for some prominent gambling, auction and poker brands, based in Limassol, Cyprus.
Spent increasingly more time in London and decided to move here. Set-up SEO Specialist Limited, and started to develop domains into websites for Affiliate Specialist Ltd.
Set-up a new office for SEO Specialist.
Started new projects related to affiliate marketing.