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3 Annoying Mistakes at the London Olympics 2012

News, Products • 05th August, 12 • 1 Comments

Wembley Olympic Venue

The Olympic Games are mostly a very pleasant experience for the London businesses and individuals. Great atmosphere, excitement and new acquaintances when watching some of the best sports people in the world. However, there are also a few annoying mistakes I would like to share (aside from showing the wrong Korean flag).

1. The Olympic website doesn't get it

In general, is an appealing website but they don't feature what people are most likely to seek information about. After watching quarter final football games like I did yesterday, you want to see the knockout stage. The results and upcoming matches should be shown like Wikipedia do.

knockout stage men's football olympics 2012

It's a shame they Olympic committee with their huge budget cannot figure out users basic requirements. The same lack of information applies to men's basketball and all other team sports as well.

2. Camera restrictions

Instead of allowing people to enjoy photographing the spectacular events, restrictions have been set-up. It is forbidden to bring "professional-style cameras (any camera with interchangeable lenses) or recording/transmitting devices" to Wembley stadium. So they only want low quality photos to be shared on Facebook and among friends?

I left my camera at home, in order to avoid potential security issues, but later found out quite a few spectators both filming and using cameras with interchangeable lenses. Why do Wembley and the Olympic organisers set up rules they cannot follow up in the end?

3. Visa card problems

Visa being one of the main sponsors and still, only 2 out of 10 tills at Wembley were enabled for visa card usage. If finding yourself in the wrong queue, you had to start from the end again at the 'Visa card lanes'.

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  1. Steve

    Agree. Annoying you have to leave the camera at home.


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