Markus Jalmerot, MJ, is an entrepreneur focusing on various types of online marketing projects. He works as an affiliate marketer in highly competitive segments where proper SEO, web design and online strategy is required. Since 2002, Markus has actively been working with content and strategies for websites. Some of the first projects he started included forex trading and SEO through Relevansanalys – his Swedish site about the importance of relevancy in marketing.

Markus really enjoys being part of new ventures and projects, where contepts are being created and a range of different ideas required. He has been working with some of the most challenging industries, such as hosting (SeoHosting), commercial properties in Scandinavia (, casino ( and the travel segment. Since he is keen to know and learn more about cryptocurrencies, while living in Lisbon that’s open and thriving for this industry, he decided to spend most of his time doing in crypto with the newly launched CryptoLists (more info here).

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